Most of the information you might need is right here on the website. Below are links to some files that you may find useful.

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General Information

Coordinating your MarineLab program

We have brochures and posters available to help you with recruiting students!

Call (800)741-1139 ext 201 or email coordinator@marinelab.org to request them.

Directions to MarineLab


Florida schools, do you need a bus? Try Annett Bus Lines!

Hotel List (with bus storage information) in case you need to find a room off campus for your bus driver

Getting started - some tips from other teachers on putting together a MarineLab trip

Information for Students with Dietary Restrictions

Safety First! Information that may help you get administration approval including water safety

Weather Links

MarineLab program components have been correlated with all states' science standards, PLUS the US Science Education Standards! Drop us a line or give us a call to request your program's correlation with YOUR state's standards!




2016 Snorkel Program Leaders Handbook 2016 SCUBA Program Leaders Handbook

2016 Snorkel Deposit Calculator

Big Boat 2016 Snorkel Deposit Calculator

Deposit is listed on your confirmation

Student Roster Student Roster

Student Information & Waiver Form

Snorkel Packing Checklist

2016 Student Information & Liability Release Form - SCUBA

2016 Student Over 18 Information & Liability Release Form - SCUBA

Packing Checklist for SCUBA

Chaperone Guidelines Chaperone Guidelines for SCUBA
Chaperone Information & Waiver Form 2016 Chaperone Information & Liability Release Form - SCUBA
Transportation Form Physician's Release & Guidelines for SCUBA
Boat Assignments  
Summary of Forms Needed Summary of Forms Needed - SCUBA
Group T Shirt & Water Bottle Ordering Form Group T Shirt & Water Bottle Ordering Form















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