Booking MarineLab Programs



We are now taking reservations for 2015 and 2016! Please call us at (800) 741-1139 to make a reservation. We will then determine the number of BOATS you will need to accommodate your group. No deposit is needed when you make your reservation; we will put you on the calendar and send you a confirmation packet with a deposit due date.

Check the calendar below to see what dates are available, and then either call us at 800-741-1139 or fill in the form to the right.

Please read the bars to see the numbers of boats available. If it says AVAILABLE, that means all boats are available.

The calendar has been UPDATED as of May 19, 2015.





Group Sizes

Because our programs take place primarily aboard our boats, we book the number of "boats" rather than a number of students. Please call to determine how many boats you will need for your group size.


We require at least ONE chaperone for every 5-10 students. That chaperone attends MarineLab free of charge for snorkeling programs. One additional chaperone (per group, not per boat) pays a room and board fee; all other additional adults or chaperones pay the full program fee and are subject to the same cancellation policies as a full paying student. Chaperones with SCUBA programs must pay the out of pocket expenses associated with the SCUBA dives.

Chaperones have duties and responsibilities while they are here with the students. While we will take care of all instructional and safety needs during the program times, the chaperones are responsible for monitoring student behavior during meals, free times, and overnight. Click here for a pdf document on MarineLab chaperone responsibilities.


Deposits & Balance Payments

Deposits are required after a certain date to confirm your reservation. The amount of deposit required depends on your group size and how many boats you have reserved (either little boats or big boats.) Your confirmation packet will have that information.

Deposits can be transferred as deposits for replacement students or for full paying adults, but are not applied to your balance due. For a pdf file on our Fees and Payment Policies, including refund policies, please click here.

SORRY - We do not accept credit cards for program fees.

Ground Transfers

We can make arrangements for your group to be picked up and brought back to Miami International Airport or Ft Lauderdale International Airport for an additional fee. This is a flat rate based on the number of boats booked, and will be determined at the time you book your program.

# of passengers MIA FLL notes
9-11 $935 $995  
12-32 $1100 $1200  
33-61 $1550 $1650 in a coach

For an idea of what ground transfers may cost your group, here are the estimated ground transfer fees for 2014.


Other Options

Several options are available for your MarineLab program, some of which require an additional fee.

LINENS (sheets, blanket, & pillow) are available for $7 per person. If the entire group gets linens, the chaperones do not need to pay for their linens.

WETSUIT RENTALS are also available and can either be paid individually by the student or as a group by the organization. Wetsuit rentals are $10 for a 2 day 1 night program and $15 for anything longer. That is the flat rate, not a per day fee.

LOGBOOKS are available for $1.50 per student. These preprinted booklets are great for students to journal about their MarineLab experience, and could be a grading opportunity. You can see a sample here, or email us to request an actual sample book.

TSHIRTS are available at a discounted cost of $11 each IF you order for your entire group AND it's 30 days prior to your program.

Do you have free time in your program? How about going kayaking? PADDLE THE FLORIDA KEYS will deliver the kayaks to our beach and provide a guide. It's a fun way to go over to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, paddle around their mangrove creeks, pull out and get an ice cream from their concession stand. Advance notice is required. Cost is $26 per person.





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