MarineLab's coastal facility is situated on the oceanside of Key Largo, Florida, adjacent to Largo Sound and the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The Key Largo Cut, a man-made waterway through the island, provides quick and easy access to the Florida bay portion of Everglades National Park, and east of our site is the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. We are 50 miles south of Miami International Airport and 103 miles north of Key West. Directions to MarineLab can be found here.

All programs are held on our self contained campus or in the field. Program fees include dormitory accommodations, cafeteria service, labs and equipment in addition to snorkeling field trips. Information for students with special dietary restrictions.

Dorm roomOur dorms are air conditioned, carpeted, and contain from 12 - 16 bunks each. Smaller rooms, with 4 bunks each, are used for chaperones or overflow. Dorms are on the second floor. Restrooms with showers are located on the first floor. In addition, there are several "dock showers" for a quick rinse between field trips during the day. Students are allowed one hot soapy shower each day.
Cafeteria & Meals
CafeteriaOur cafeteria is also air conditioned and can seat up to 80 people at one time. Meals are often staggered to accommodate all the students at MarineLab. The meals are institutional-type, nutritious and filling but not gourmet fare. A typical day's meals would include:choice of eggs and bacon, biscuits, fruit, cold cereal for breakfast; tacos for lunch, with salad sides for lunch; and lasagna, garlic bread, salad and dessert for supper. Peanut butter, jelly, and bread is always available. We are limited in our ability to accommodate special diets; please click here for guidelines on what to do if your child has a dietary restriction or preference.
Classrooms & Labs
classroomOur Floating Conference Center (FCC) houses two separate classrooms/meeting rooms, each equipped with computers and projectors for presentations. Each classroom has broadband Internet access. Green LabThe labs are recently renovated and are designed to be flexible to accommodate many different types of discovery activities or presentations. They are air conditioned and the smaller Blue lab contains a refrigerator for storage of medications or similar use.
LokiOur fleet of 8 26' boats are Coast Guard Oceanographic Research and Instruction Vessels, and can carry 11 students and chaperones safely and comfortably to our snorkeling destinations. Seven of the boats are Twin Vee catamarans; the last boat is a Privateer. This is a picture of our boat basin, with our pavilion at the far end.


MarineLab Undersea Laboratory
DiversThe MarineLab Undersea Laboratory is an underwater habitat which was placed in the lagoon at MRDF's facility in 1985, after a year in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park's turning basin. MarineLab's environmental education programs started by using this underwater habitat to teach Broward County (FL) teachers and students about marine ecology while living under the sea. The MarineLab Undersea Lab is still used for high school and adult diving programs. For more information on the habitat, click here.