mangrovesMarineLab offers several opportunities for teachers and other adults to learn more about the marine ecology of the Florida Keys. All programs are held at our facility in Key Largo, Florida, and most meals are provided in our cafeteria. The accommodations are rustic, but the programs are a wonderful experience. Some workshops offer the opportunity for graduate credit or continuing service points. Space is available on a first come, first served basis; reserve it today!





Summer 2012 Workshops July 23 - 28, 2012

Pictures from the 2010 Coastal Marine Ecology workshop

Pictures from the 2010 Advanced Ecology workshop

Pictures from the 2010 Reef Check Workshop




ReefCheck Eco Diver Certification

Did you ever dream of becoming a marine biologist or do you just love diving? The Reef Check EcoDiver program allows anyone with an interest in the ocean -- from kids to adults -- to learn more about tropical coral reefs. Reef Check combines education with action to give volunteers a unique experience while taking an active role in conserving the world's reefs. Using the globally standardized scientific protocol, the Reef Check EcoDiver program collects valuable data to establish the status of coral reefs world wide. The data are analyzed and used locally by marine park managers, nationally by fisheries and environment managers and internationally by organizations including United Nations agencies to help better track and care for coral reefs.

Dates for 2012 have not yet been set, but if you are interested, please contact



MarineLab participates in the Great Annual Fish Count every summer, plus a variety of other events. Check it out!